Days off work are awesome

I’ve been busy. Grand final day yesterday so I had the day off work. I’ve managed to finish off the rainbow snake scarf and also the scarf that I was making for my friend.

Probably the only thing that I would change about rainbow snake is that I would make it a bit longer so that it’s not so close to my face on a double wrap, and that I would use a brighter shade of green (which I now have in my stash). I believe this one will get another run around.

This one was a little easier than rainbow snake. However, I did have to rip apart half of id when I realised that I was making a diagonal like at one end… I was going to try to “fix” it… and then realised that if that was for myself it would be perfectly fine, but for someone else, I may as well frog that part and just do it properly. And this one didn’t take too long because it was a large crochet hook and doubling up the yarn it came together quite fast.

As you know, mother in law is here now. On the positive, she bought me a heap of yarn from her stash so that was great. I am going to make a scarf like the one I made for my friend out of one of the maroon yarns that she bought. There is a whole bag of it in the same colour, I might even make a hat and mittens from it. I haven’t made mittens yet, but I am starting to think that I am not bad at all these things. I mean really all I have made so far is beanies, scarves and blankets, but you know. It’s getting my confidence up!

So today I will probably make the matching hat for my friend’s scarf, and start on my own. I think I need to find a better hat pattern than the one I had though. Or even use a slightly bigger hook and modify the pattern. I will see how I go!


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