Rainbow snake isn’t that bad…

Now that I have started to get on a roll with this it isn’t as bad. I have gotten used to the different stitches (and gotten past the bloody foundation row that confused the crap out of me) and it’s starting to come together like a real rainbow.


With a whole day off for Grand Final tomorrow I should get it finished with a bit of luck!

Last night I went to Masters (hardware store that is closing down) and got some plastic storage tubs for all the yarn that I am collecting. I needed a way to organise it, because let’s be honest… all over the quiet room floor in plastic bags just wasn’t working out for anyone was it?


No joke, I am so proud of myself.

My order from Bendigo Woolen Mills came in:

Super stoked with these. The different coloured one on the left is the cotton that I will use for the thong slippers that my friends and family want. The red and pink (I think called cranberry and lotus) are for a couple of cardigans that I want to make once I get used to following knitting patterns.

The other chest of drawers is stuff that I already had that I needed to sort:

Top drawer is just plain coloured, middle drawer the fayette coloured stuff, and the bottom drawer is mostly the reject shop or ebay coloured acrylic yarn.

Husband also found another canvas shopping bad in the garage that was full of yarn, so I will need to add that to the stash tonight and work out what it is.

My friend’s yarn also arrived so all I need to do now is wait for the ebay crochet hook, or just go to spotlight tonight and buy a cheap one so that I can get started on the weekend. I might see what time spotlight closes tonight before I head home.

I was feeling a bit under the weather for most of the day yesterday after the puking episode and not having a lot of sleep, and last night wasn’t much better. I woke up at about 4.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep, and was feeling a bit dodgy in the stomach after not eating a lot of lunch. It’s driving me a bit mad.

Then I get home and this meets me at the door:


I have a mild obsession with Elephants. And this is my new washing basket! Definitely lifted the mood of the whole day, and I will probably put my clothes in the washing basket instead of on the floor now! Maybe.

I don’t think it will necessarily inspire me to do my washing at all but it is worth a try!

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