Stupid rainbow snake scarf

The ridiculousness that is this stupid scarf is doing my head in.

I mean I finally got to a place where I could continue on with the pattern, and I am doing quite well now, but early in the night resulted in a few more times ripping it back to where I stuffed up AGAIN and it’s just doing my head in.

It’s just a bloody scarf dude, it can’t be that hard!

Anyway. Here it is as of last night when I went to bed.


Not feeling great today, I am glad I have a long weekend and two days completely to myself this weekend when I can just it. I think I will be able to finish dumb scarf as long as mother in law isn’t too annoying while Husband and his dad are at the grand final, but I hope she’s on her best behaviour because I can’t be bothered.
And it’s only Wednesday.

I had a horrible sleep last night, I woke up at about 2.30am and spent the next 30 minutes in the bathroom puking my guts up. It was super fun times, Husband was in bed and calling out while I was puking (I assume to ask if I was ok, I couldn’t answer for all the spaghetti coming out) and the first being to come and check on me was boy dog. He is always the first one to respond when I am not well.

When I fell in the garage and busted an ankle, boy dog rushed to help me (the order of response was boy dog, then girl dog, then housemate, then Husband) so it was nice of him to come in and cuddle me. He is scared of tiles so it was a big effort for him to come into the bathroom to sit with me (he has giant fluffy paws and slips over all the time).

Anyway. I think a rest tonight instead of a trip to the pool is the idea. I mean it’s great because I can also do more of this ridiculous snake rainbow shit of a scarf I have going on. I made a big sad face on ravelry about it, but who knows by the time it’s done I might love it.

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