Just a long stupid snake

While watching the Brownlow last night (Australian Rules Football’s best and fairest, for those non-aussies) I decided to have a crack at this scarf and take a rest from Nana’s blanket.

All I have ended up with is a stupid long snake.

The pattern tells me to do a foundation half double crochet (FHDC, apparently) row, so yesterday before I left work after a stupidly busy day I had a watch of a video and figured it couldn’t be that hard.

After a couple of “frogged” (haha, I still love this) attempt, I probably have done 3/4 of the foundation row. I completed it once and then had to pull it back once I saw a few mistakes as I was starting back the other way with the actual pattern.

This is going to be the death of me. At least I am learning new things?

Basically, I have achieved not much of anything since the last post, except a crap tonne of frustration while I am ripping things apart, throwing crochet needles and just swearing at everything. Dogs were confused, Husband was confused, and I was just getting mad.

Like this. Except a fuck tonne longer.

That is not my picture. I borrowed it from the internets.

And now I am just tired and cranky, I think I picked up my dad’s bug at a party last weekend. I have been desperately trying to fight it off, but with no luck at the moment.

Oh, one thing I did do was go and visit my friend and his baby Sunday night. I gave her the nana shawl that I made as my first proper crochet project, as a gift. Along with the beanie that I made for her baby when I was still knitting beanies. I had one ready to go for either sex because they were waiting to see what it came out as. I don’t think I could do that, I would need to find out so that I know what I am planning for. That, and I am not good with surprises.

So it seems that baby boy would sleep for a while, wake up and need a nappy change, feed, burp, nappy change, and back to sleep. That seems like a pretty decent cycle to me, I mean I would love to do that. Except for the fact that it happens all damn night and I would be exhausted. I’d have to sleep every time the baby slept, and would be flat out keeping him alive because I can hardly look after myself as an adult let alone a baby!!

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