I’ve had an idea.


This is the scarf that I will be making for my friend. I have an idea to make it for myself in a kind of rainbow version that I am going to try to have a crack at as well… It’s just a pity I don’t have the right sized crochet hook yet.

There are quite a few others that I have checked out on Ravelry today, and maybe I can make one of those work instead. From the free download versions not the ones that you pay money for that are simple enough that I could do them myself if I knew better…

Maybe I can make this one instead? (Link)


This seems just as nice (and the pattern was free) and it uses 8 ply yarn which I already have at home, and I can make the rainbows that I want.

Husband has today and the next two days off work so hopefully he will be doing the cooking and cleaning and I will be able to get onto making the scarf instead of being an adult.

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