Two takes at a crochet hat

I wanted to make a hat to match the granny shawl that I made. So I used the same yarn, and had a crack at a free pattern that I found on Ravelry. I hadn’t really done much of a US “treble” so I had to go learn the different terminology to read the pattern, but got it after a little while.

I love the idea of this yarn when it’s in the ball. Once make up it’s not that great TBH

So the pattern was downloaded, and it was a slow start. I got used to it after a bit and was on a roll.

I can see how this is going to become a hat. Cool!

Then the pattern started to get confusing.

I completed it as it read, and the bloody thing was getting smaller and smaller, and that wasn’t right. It wouldn’t even fit a kid if it kept going like this, so I ripped it back to where I thought I had made the mistake.

Even once it was done, I knew it wasn’t right. I just did a single sc row around the base and decided I could give it to my cousins 6 year old when I bought the beanie for her new baby. Just so she didn’t think she wasn’t getting a present!

I have a small head. It was a tight fit

So I had enough yarn for another crack, so I went ahead and made the modifications I needed so that the pattern made sense to me (how I knew it was meant to be).

Once I got to where I was meant to be doing sets of sc and making the hat smaller, it was still too short for a decent hat (yellow / green row in the below pic). So I added another row like the pattern, and then a row of dc to get the length I wanted.

I tried it on my head at this point, and it was still quite fitted (more beanie, less hat) and I decided to do just one row of the 4 sc 1 sc2tog just to see how it went, but the rest was just rows of sc until the yarn ran out.

Much better
This is my attempt at taking a pic of it on my head… not great

So I think I will get some single colour yarn and have another crack at this one and make another row of where it all gets bigger at the top of my head to make is a proper loose hat and then I can make the band smaller over the 3 – 4 rows like the pattern says to make it tight enough around my head.

Anyway. At least I know how to do it now, something else I can add to my repertoire.

I bought another pattern I found on ravelry, it cost me like $6 and then as soon as I opened and read it I felt a bit ripped off. It was literally 2 lines. Chain this many. Then hdc for 14 rows. I guess I need to learn a little better at what I am looking at and then make up my own pattern based on what I think I see.

But because I was making this for my friend I wanted to make sure I was right, and I basically was (except it looked like single crochet to me) but I guess I will get there eventually. Not a total waste as I will probably make a few of these scarves for myself as well in different colours as they are pretty cool, but yeh. Just disappointed I guess!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. I’ve got a four day week as we get a day off before Grand Final day, so looking forward to having to entertain Husband’s mother for the day. Maybe I can convince her to bring some yarn and have a craft day with her.

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