Gorgeous Spring day

I am looking forward to summer again now. I am so sick of being cold and wearing 45 layers of clothing… today I sat in the sun and watched Husband work at his brother’s house while I continued on my way with the granny blanket.

Yes, I am wearing my thong slippers!

I have discovered that my thong slippers are the most comfy thing I have ever put my feet in. They thong base is nice and soft for my bad ankle, and they were warm enough on my feet without wearing socks. For someone who hates shoes at the best of times, they are ace.

Last night when I finished them. The white fluffy thing to my left is Big Dog.

I need to make some modifications when I make another pair of these, but they will do for now!

I am around about halfway through the nana blanket now, I ran out of yarn while I was at Brother in Law’s house. Perfect timing though as I wanted to have a crack at the hat that matches my nana shawl tonight before I move onto the next part of the blanket (ie the next ball of wool).


A friend of mine found this alpaca scarf that she wanted to buy but it was either too expensive or she wanted to try and make it or something… in the end she realised that it was a crocheted scarf not a knitted one and she doesn’t know how to crochet. I offered to make it for her if she just paid for the yarn, so she is sending me some yarn for it, and I am just waiting for a giant bamboo crochet hook to arrive so I can make it for her.

I have approximately 8 pairs of slippers waiting in the queue to be made, so hope the order from the Bendigo Woolen Mill arrives next week!

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