Thong Slippers (Flip flops, you dirty mind)

I finished the first slipper and started the new one.

I think I should have crocheted a little loose around the toe than I did around the sides and heel, but I am pretty sure it will stretch out over time because of the yarn that I used.

All in all I reckon they are pretty cool!!

I am only a couple of rows into the left slipper at the moment, so will keep working on those tonight and over the weekend.

Wonder if I can get away with wearing them to work at some stage next week haha. They do look a bit daggy but I can just say that they are ballet flats…!

I got my footy money in for the finals this morning so I paid off my credit card and bought the cotton that I want to make the rest of the slippers with. It’s a solid colour, I do want to see if I can get some sunset coloured type cotton off ebay to do another pair in for me, I don’t want to pay too much money for it if it’s just for me. If I am going to make them for friends it’s a different story!

I bought 10 ply yarn for the two cardigans that I wanted to make, as well as investing in some patterns for the 5 play yarn that I stole from mother. I have a stack of that to use for different things so that’s what I am going to get to after the blanket is done, because that’s the most important thing I am doing at the moment. If I can get that part made and out of the way I will be stoked.

Also some new knitting needles (to use the 5 ply wool, I don’t have a pair small enough) and some other random stuff to add to the equipment list.

I was going to take an updated pic of the granny blanket to show you but I completely forgot about it this morning. I have finished the first ball of yarn and got a bit confused as to how to connect the second one, but all good in the end. I am starting to think I might need about 5 of the balls that I have, as 4 x the section that is currently made might be a bit small, but yet to be seen. I have 8 balls of wool to deal with this blanket so it’s all good there. I will have enough.

Crochet seems to agree with me more than knitting. Or maybe it’s just because I am an impatient person and I can see the results of the crochet quicker than knitting. I have to focus more when I crochet, it’s not second nature yet, so I imagine it will only get faster. But it is quite repetitive (I might be bored of the blanket by the time I am done!!)

Work has blown up today and I am annoyed / pissed off / frustrated… lots of swear words. Going to need a good relax when I get home tonight, whoever said the customer was always right has never worked in a high pressure sales environment!! They are often told they are right to smooth things over, but the rest of the time… they are ignorant dickheads.

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