Project ADHD

I am starting to have “Project ADHD”.

I want to try about 500 different things at once. I always get like this, start something new and completely throw myself into it and then get overwhelmed, and I guess this time is going to be no different.

Nana blanket is coming along well, I just got a bit bored of it over and over again. Plus, I had done some research in the second training session yesterday to discover that Big W have thongs (flip flops, ok) for $2 and they would be perfect for the project considering I am going to cut them up anyway.

So with a stash of them….


I was set to go and make some stuff!

I already had a sharp implement that was ideal for poking the holes, so that was fairly easy (you know, apart from getting RSI and blisters in my hands) and then started off with trying to poke yarn through the holes… again a long mission. I made a couple of mistakes but just went on with it anyway, because they are my practice pair and I didn’t give too much of a shit how it went down, BECAUSE IT’S A PRACTICE. My second one will most likely be much better.

By the time I got into the actual crochet part and not the weird strapping yarn to a thong part it was alright. because it’s not a squishy piece of work like normal it took a bit to learn how to hold it and work it so that I could get into a rhythm, but I got 6 rows of pattern in before Husband told me it was late and that if I didn’t go to bed soon I wouldn’t get up for work in the morning. And let’s be honest, he was pretty right there.

This is what it currently looks like:


I think they are going to come up alright! I am not sure how they will go on my weird feet, and it’s not like the soles are all weather proof because of the holes that I cut the straps out of, but I reckon for a spring /summer runabout they will be ace.

Wonder how they would go in the washing machine if they got too stinky, because it’s not like I would wear socks with them!!

Husband is on afternoon shift tonight so I will be doing a bit more work on the shoes and the nana blanket. Need to think about what I want to feed myself for dinner since I have to look after myself.

Probably something that he doesn’t like 🙂

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