So many ideas!!

Pretty excited about a couple of things today.

I spent most of the day yesterday exploring Ravelry. I know it seems like a waste of time, and basically it was…. I was in training all day about things that I already know, along with people asking the same questions over and over… let’s just say I was grateful to be at the back of the room with an iPad.

But it’s ended up with a good list of different projects that I am super keen to try out.

Then mum posts this link on my facebook and nekminut everyone wants me to make them a pair of these. So I will head to the reject shop on the weekend to see if they have some cheap thongs (remember: I’m Australian… I mean flip flops) and get started on a pair that fits me. Always have to make something for me first to make sure that I get it right.

I also discovered a good set of patterns that I have sitting in my cart waiting for me, and the Bendigo Woolen Mills website. Once my bonus comes in I am going to be spending a bit of money on new equipment and yarn for the projects that I have in the queue. A lot of them are for yarn that I already have, but others that I love require some new stuff for me to work with. And it’s not cheap either! But that’s alright. It will be worth it.

I am well on the way with the blanket for my grandmother, it’s turning out really nice. It just will take some time and committment now to get it done, it’s the same thing over and over and over anyway. I can pretty much do it without thinking now.


I did read a blog last night where the lady said she only has four things in progress (learning to abbreviate, so WIP) so she better start something else, and here I am feeling guilty that I have two beanies that are unfinished (mostly because I am bored of them) and so now I don’t feel bad about stating the crochet slipper things while I am still working in the nana blanket.

Now that I see the photo bigger I can see the places where I am poorly joining the sections together… but I don’t think nan is going to be too stressed about that to be honest. She was surprised enough when I told her that I was making something for her for Christmas.

So now I just need to wait till the end of September to see what kind of bonus I get, so that I can spend up. I have some patterns in my Ravelry cart for different things as well as in the Bendigo Mills cart just waiting for me to press the go button… as the days go on the selection just gets more and more extensive… but never fear!

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