Ideas please!!

So I finished the shawl last night, but I’m not sure if I finished it or just ran out of yarn… probably the latter. I didn’t make it through the whole pattern, but I think where I left it was fairly decent anyway. Like I said yesterday, I’m not too sure how much use this thing is going to get except for a cold winter day at the football next year.



So with much excitement, instead of going to bed I started off the blanket for my nana. I made it around about three times before I finally gave up and had to head to bed. I mean I could have stayed up but I wouldn’t have made it to work this morning.

I think it’s going to be a nice yarn to work with. It’s nice and soft, and the colours look like they are going to come up well in the blanket. So this will be my project for the next few weeks. Husband has to work an afternoon shift this weekend so I will have plenty of time to sit myself down and work on it.

I want to make a crochet hat that matches my nana shawl thing. I mean if I am going to wear half a blanket to keep me warm, I want a matching hat don’t I. Even though yesterday I said some shit about not starting too many projects at once, I think I might start the hat at the same time, just to give me a break from the nana blanket if it gets too repetitive.

I mean I could finish the purple beanie or the stupid Collingwood one, but I just don’t want to.

I need some ideas for online yarn shops please! Once I saw the brand of the yarn that arrived yesterday, I checked out the or whatever it was, and it looks fantastic. Could really score some bargains there with the runout and sale yarns. The problem is I pay almost the same amount for postage as I do for the yarn because I am in Australia!!

I looked up a couple of the yarn ideas people had left here (lionbrand and a couple of others, thanks heaps for that) and they are still like $11 a ball at Spotlight.

I did find Bendigo Mills or whatever it is which seems decent, and at like $15 for a 200g ball seems nice, but there isn’t a lot of selection. I know I can just stick with Spotlight or Lincraft (Lincraft seems to be cheaper) but when I need like 12 balls of yarn to make this hoodie sweater thing in my size my brain is like “Just go down to target and buy one” because the $80 and all the time I spend…

That’s my project manager talking.

My cratfy side goes “Yeh but you made it yourself and it’s exactly what you want”.

That’s the debate that I have with myself. Especially since I’ve never done a jumper before and I am likely to stuff parts of it up… I need to start convincing myself that it adds character rather than makes the whole piece that I knit worthless. Or I can just undo my mistakes back to when it looks alright again!

Husband reckons I could have done that with the shawl. The start is a bit grubby and I should have had a smaller magic circle, but it’s a bit late now with 5 days worth of work and three 100g balls of yarn in it!!

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