It arrived!

This was a much better experience buying yarn on eBay. And worth the wait too!!


This will be the yarn that I make my nan’s blanket out of. But I think that I better finish the shawl that I have going first. I am a sucker for starting a hundred different things and never getting any of them done… though I admit when I ran out of yarn at mum and dad’s for the shawl I got a bit of that purple beanie done instead…


The shawl is getting there. I will do a bit more work on it before I start to work out what the hell the ending of the pattern means…! If all else fails I can just end it the same way I’ve been doing the whole lot and it won’t look that bad. Not sure how often this one will get used because I think it’s a big Grandma, but might make an appearance around here on cold winter days!

I finished uploading all the yarn that I collected from mum’s on the weekend and it’s a fantastic idea to have it all in the one place instead of searching around trying to find bits and pieces or work out if you have enough to make a certain thing…

The only problem that I have now is that I have found a great cardigan pattern that I want to do but it needs 10 ply yarn and I don’t have any of that!! I will have to have a look around for a sale and some good yarn for that one (it’s in my queue waiting for me).

Alright. Let’s finish this shawl!

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