Raiding my mum’s stash

So after I ran out of the yarn that I am making this granny shawl thing out of (not because I need to buy more, but because I visited my parents on the weekend 3 hours drive away and didn’t take everything) and the stars aligning I was able to head off and raid her yarn and whole craft stash.

There is a stack of stuff that I did NOT take, but now that I know where it is when I get back, I am bloody stoked that I basically have a yarn shop there which will save some money. And it’s all pure wool (so will be good for my jumpers and things that I want to try) and not the cheap stuff that I have been collecting from eBay!

Husband should be happy, I’ve saved him hundreds of dollars… however he’s a bit perplexed about the size of the bag that I bought home!!

That giant bag at the back of the couch is also full of fun stuff

Now for the fun of updating my stash on Ravelry BUT THE SITE IS DOWN AT THE MOMENT so I will have to wait until tomorrow night instead of tonight like I wanted, which means that I will just have to continue to work on the blanket instead of spending the night uploading while Husband watches the Block which drives me MENTAL.

All of this is a bit different to what I am used to though, it’s 5 ply so I have jumped on eBay (I KNOW, STOP!) and got some new needles on their way. Eventually I will be trusted to walk into Spotlight and not buy the whole store, but now is not that time. For now I am going to sit on the floor and play with my new yarn. And take photos. And catalogue it ready for when Ravelry is back up tomorrow. (!!!)

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