Turns out it’s not as hard as I thought

After my first shot at crocheting I cracked the sads. It looked nothing like what the lady on the video was doing, and in fact I found it really hard to operate. 

I was using the recommended needle size as stated on the yarn sleeve, and turns out that’s just sort of a recommendation and not the rule. But like knitting needles, as in I can do whatever I want to be completely honest. 

So I realised that I can operate things a bit better with a bigger hook, so last night I had another Crack at the granny square with the yarn leftover from the scarf I had finished. 

Turned out much better! Not to mention the yarn was much easier to work with, the last lot I had was just cheap crap from ebay. 

The stuff that I want to make nan’s Christmas present from still hasn’t arrived, so last night I started to have a read of the pattern for the shawl that is on the band of some yarn I bought at the spotlight sale. 

I didn’t have the right crochet hook, it asked for 8mm and the biggest that I have is 6.5mm so I figured it couldn’t be that bad, I’d just need to do some more rows and probably have a slightly smaller shawl. I bought an extra ball of wool to make a matchy  matchy hat anyway so I have extra if I need. 

Good thing Mrs Boots was at footy today, as I needed her help to get the pattern right. And she was worth her weight in gold. The pattern was simple enough but because I hardly listened to the English last doing the tutorials instead of watching AND listening, I needed a bit of help with the interpretation. 

But I worked hard at it all day and this is what I have so far: 

It’s basically half a blanket. Or a triangle blanket. So not that hard in all honesty but I wasn’t looking for a major challenge. 

Considering last week I couldn’t operate a crochet hook at all, I’m pretty pleased with myself. I have also saved a few crochet hat patterns on Ravelry to make from the leftovers so that should tide me over until the yarn arrives for nan’s blanket. And I will use some spotlight yarn to finish off my test square from last night into a blanket for me too, because it turns out pretty ace so I figured I would keep on with it. 

Seems much faster than knitting too, so may be able to get more projects done. Not stressed any more about getting the blanket done by Christmas any more. 

3 thoughts on “Turns out it’s not as hard as I thought

    1. I’ll definitely check that out. I gathered a lot from my mum’s place over the weekend so I think Husband has banned me from spending money on this stuff for a while until all my planned projects are done haha

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