Mission: Cardigan

I spent a bit of time the other day before picking up my friend from the airport trying to find a cardigan pattern that wasn’t too hard, and that I had all the equipment to try… harder than it sounds. Because I have barely anything it turns out.

That’s where eBay is my friend. I can just go and search what I need on my phone and it’s relatively cheap, and considering I am only three weeks in, I don’t understand the difference between the crap that I buy off eBay and the quality stuff that I could potentially buy from Spotlight and it will most likely last longer…

Side note, I didn’t know that my plastic knitting needles wore out!! I had used a green 4mm set that I had so much I had worn a little crevice close to the point, I just figured they must have been like that since I hadn’t picked them up in a while… then when I bought a new set due to losing one the other day, they were perfectly straight! I will have to keep an eye on that!

So I bought some things that I needed, according to a couple of “simple” patterns that I found online. Circular needles, which confuse the crap out of me at the moment but I am sure it will all come together eventually, some different sized needles, stitch markers, and even a row counter because it turns out I am shit at trying to work out how many I am up to if I have to count past 5. Yes, I know I can count it on the item I am knitting, but that hurts my brain and I end up counting wrong anyway most of the time… don’t ask me how.

I figured that I would need maybe 3 balls of wool for my cardigan, so I bought those online in the Spotlight sale.

Then once I got into the pattern looking, it’s like saying 8 – 12 balls, depending on the size… I even looked up the ball of wool that was used in the pattern (because the one I use will be different) to see how long and how much it weighed to compare to my ball of wool… and I still needed 8! Nowhere near enough.

So pilgrimage to Spotlight it was, and luckily I did because I bought the last 6 of the type that I needed in the store! and some others, I found a ball of wool that had a nice shawl pattern on the back of the band that I wouldn’t mind trying either. I know I am still sitting quite firmly in my 8 ply colourful wool comfort zone right now, but I think that’s the best place to be until I get a few more finished projects under my belt. Like the stupid Collingwood beanie that I will never finish, probably. I mean, I will… but it’s not on my list of exciting shit to do because I am sick of changing colours, and let’s be honest I hate Collingwood.


I love this kind of yarn. Good thing I got it on sale, it’s normally like $11.99 a ball but most of it was on sale. The one that I made my scarf out of was $7 and then the Spotlight yarn sale started and I got the rest for $5.99 which is ace. I’ve realised generally the more expensive that the yarn is the better it feels to me!

I will have to hold off buying much more until I decide what my next projects are. But from tonight I am able to start doing my test squares for the blankets that I want to make for me and nana, and maybe one for mum. I might even be able to make a few smaller kind of blankets for my friends who are having kids at the moment.

I also asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. Not sure if I mentioned that before…

I am wearing a cardigan today that I reckon would be pretty easy to make. It seems like just three big rectangles (two thinner ones for the front and a large one for the back) sewn together with a band for the front and neckline. I mean it’s probably more like a long vest thing than a cardigan, it doesn’t have sleeves and I think that’s the easier way to start (lol).

No more footy after this weekend, so it means I will have to start “doing things” on the weekend instead of just sitting around knitting. It will be triathlon season soon, and I went to the pool Wednesday night before settling in, so I have started doing some exercise again. I might head there again Sunday as well, it’s not a bad first step in the recovery process!

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