It’s done!!

Yay! I finished my scarf tonight, and doesn’t it look ace!!

Haha not really, but I am proud it is done. I suck at joining wool together (knots everywhere at the start from when I stuffed up three times and had to cut wool and knot it back together) and then again when I joined the ball in the middle… There has to be an easier way to do that… can someone share that with me??
I updated my “stash” on Ravelry this morning. I purposely got up early before work so that I could do it, so that’s proper nerd. I haven’t completely updated the equipment section yet, but there is time for that. I have saved a few projects as favourites that I want to try, and also added some of the work that I have done in the last few weeks in the “projects” section. It’s cool that I can see what I have got going on without unpacking the entire knitting bag.

And trust me, that’s a saga. It ends with dogs eating yarn and all sorts of things.

Look at me go, calling it yarn. Finally. Because let’s be honest, not all the string type stuff that I use is called “wool”.

I even asked my mother if I could have a sewing machine for Christmas, WHO AM I?!

So now I am going to move onto the blanket that I want to make my Nana for Christmas. I have almost completed my yarn stash for the project, I want to do one more pattern test square before I decide which one I am going to use, AND I AM STILL WAITING FOR THE YARN TO ARRIVE! I am going to be shattered if it’s crap and I have to change my entire plan.

This plan may change a bit, I may or may not have this amount of squares, I am kind of just winging it to be honest. I might make less “rounds” of the pattern in each colour (I don’t think that’s the right term but anyway) to get a whole rainbow of colours in. The Multi coloured is the entire rainbow so that might be a good plan. Or maybe working backwards in colour might be the best best, starting with pink and working out to red. But that will come to me when I am at home making the thing.

Or maybe I make the two “matching” ones and have one as red out to pink, and another pink out to red. Who knows. I think about these things far too much. But I think that will be the only project that I start now until it is done.

I need a place to store the links of patterns and things I find online of stuff that I want to make on Ravelry. I haven’t explored enough there yet, there might be a place to do that too…

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