Who knew scarves had patterns?

I lost a knitting needle the other night, probably left it at footy training.

But, the Friday night mad rush to Spotlight was in order, the new long needles I had gotten in an eBay adventure had not yet arrived, and I WAS NOT spending the entire weekend at footy with nothing to do… so I went to Spotlight.

Needless to say, I came back not only with two sets of new needles (god forbid I lose one again) and also about $60 worth of wool… that I just did not need. I bought mostly solid colours in the Spotlight brand acrylic, at the time it was for beanies for the kits at footy that wanted one. Also just a few colours that I liked and would probably do something with at some stage!!

My partly knitted pattern scarf

I walked past a ball of wool that looks SO fluffy, that as soon as I touched it I knew I would be buying it… it was just a matter of what to make with it. Turns out that this ball had a pattern on the back of the band, and how hard can a scarf be anyway? So two balls of “licorice” coloured wool followed me home at $7 each. Sometimes it seems that wool is so damn expensive, but then I put my farmers had back on a settle down.

So I had a read of the pattern… got confused and put the wool down for another day.

Then eventually I got up the courage to give it a crack. It didn’t seem too hard, it said cast on 38, knit 16, turn, knit 16, knit 14, turn knit 14…. etc etc. So I just followed it. Then it started to turn into a circle, I wondered how it was EVER going to reach 120cm long like the instructions said… and I realised I had forgotten a step.

It said “9 row garter stitch”. What the hell is that? Ok, YouTube it is.
It turns out that garter stitch is just plain knitting. Why not just say that? It had said “knit” in all the previous instructions, why confuse me now?? So on I have carried, with this pattern for the last few weeks, when I have some spare time.

I have to pick my friend up from the airport tonight, and because I am not going in there until they get out of customs, I will be parked in my car somewhere, possibly a Maccas carpark after buying a crappy drive through coffee, and getting some more scarf knitting done. I am almost through the first ball of wool, and considering hitting up spotlight for another one to make a matching hat (because everyone like matchy matchy).

I still have a Collingwood beanie on the go (who knew changing colours every 13 stitches was going to be so hard??) and a purple one of some kind of made up pattern I am trying for myself, as well as my new “learn to crochet” mission… I decide to do whichever one takes my fancy at the time. And let me tell you, it’s never the Collingwood one. Not only do I hate the magpies, but changing colours all the time takes SO MUCH TIME it’s not like I can get into a rhythm and relax when I am working on that one. This kid may never get his beanie at this rate, but it’s not like he won’t want it next season, so I have time!

It’s cold this week, so not bad knitting weather. But I doubt that I will achieve much over summer, but I do want to make a nice blanket to give to my nan for Christmas. Not to mention that I am now allowed to walk again, so I am moving around a lot more than the couch bound bum from last week.

There is one more day of footy, Grand Final day for me to achieve something. Probably with the hat with the made up pattern that I am doing for myself, but I am sure if this wool arrives this week that I have chosen for the blanket I will start on that right away. Nothing like 100 projects going at the same time!!

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