Oh no… I found Ravelry

When things are a little slow at work, I discover new things… this morning it was Ravelry.

Good thing Husband is going to footy training tonight, because now I have found a place to make a note of all the needles that I have, the wool (yarn) that I have collected and find a great place for new patterns and projects to make.

This could be trouble.



I tend to knit chunky things, with thick yarn that’s easy for me to see and work with. I still make a lot of mistakes, but I saw this beautiful scarf this morning that was like a silver fern with glass beads… and now all of a sudden I’m keen to learn how to do more than just knit big stuff!

My chunky scarf is almost done, I think I can finish it tonight. That depends on how caught up I get in entering stuff on Ravelry when I get home! It says to continue until it measures 120cm, but I think I might go a little more as I think that’s a bit short for me. I have a long body, short scarves look a bit strange.

Then it will be time to test another square for the blanket. The yarn that I ordered from overseas hasn’t arrived yet, so it’s not like I can start the thing anyway.

I am hoping to make two or three matching blankets. I have a multi coloured yarn (the one that I am waiting for) and then solid colours to match for each square as I move out. I could just crochet a bunch of granny squares and sew them together but I think I want to make it in one big blanky. One for me (because I just don’t have enough blankies around in winter) and one for my nan. I feel possessed to make her one for some reason. Maybe because she made me mine when I was born? Maybe to show her that I can crochet and my generation is not a lost cause? Not sure. But hopefully I can have it done by Christmas.

Trouble is at the moment I am thinking about things like this a bit too much, and because work is slow I have too much time to do research on the net, when I would much rather be at home knitting and crocheting than being at work… and it just ends up with me spending too much money at online sales instead of doing any work.

I get a bit like this when I find a new “thing”. Happens a lot. 8 years ago it was triathlon, and I threw myself into it mind body and soul. And I still love it, and tonight I am able to go back to short stints on the bike, so I am hoping to do around 10 minutes on my trainer. That’s about the limit that the surgeon has set for me at the moment, he thinks if I do too much I will compromise the healing process. Which is fair enough. And tomorrow night I plan on going swimming. The pool is my “safe place”, where I know I will always be ok, always be better than 90% of the people there and comfortable. I love water, I swear I was a dolphin in the past life.

3 years ago I wanted to change careers, become a physiotherapist. I started on the journey getting my Cert IV in Massage, and I will continue along that path eventually, but until I can find a school that does night classes, I can’t. As a grown up with bills and responsibilities and a mortgage makes changing careers tough. Husband is on side, but we still need my wage to make life comfortable and put some money away in case we decide to start a family.

I still use that, that’s why I am at the footy all the time. I have been their trainer for 2 seasons now, and I have basically paid for the course. If I go back next year I have paid off the table that I bought for my home clinic. I still use it, but I don’t push it as much as I did in my last job. This job (most of the time) is busy and takes up time and brain capacity.

But I think this new craft/knitting craze is different. I find it relaxing. I’ve always looked for something that will calm my mind, and ease the brain “stuff” that goes on. It’s like meditation for me. I can switch off and just do things with my hands, and it allows my brain to go through the day and process things, instead of keeping me awake at night with crap that doesn’t even matter in the scheme of things.

It’s nice.

3 thoughts on “Oh no… I found Ravelry

    1. If I am just doing straight knitting then I definitely can… if I follow a pattern, I need to concentrate!!
      It just gives me an outlet for all those thoughts to be processed while I am doing something with my hands, and I get something fun that I’ve made at the end of it!

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