“Crochering”Adventure #1

For years and years I have called my favourite blanket that my nan gave me as a kid my “crochered” blanket. It’s only recently I’ve learned that it’s actually spelled “Crochet” and that it would be a “crocheted” blanket. And therefore, it must be called “crocheting” and not “crochering”.

Oh well. I’m an engineer not an English major…

I was on eBay being a tight ass and looking for some wool (yarn, it turns out?) to make the kids at footy beanies that they wanted* and came across a super cheap set of crochet hooks! Well, if the worst thing that happens is I waste $8 on these hooks then so be it. It seemed like a good cheap set, and somewhere to start. I mean how much variation could there be in crochet hooks?

While I was waiting for this new purchase to arrive (and the wool that I decided that I would make my first blanket out of) I started to wonder how I was going to learn to do this. So, I did what every Gen Y in my position would do… I YouTubed it.

I found a great simple tutorial on beginning your work and single crochet, so when the hooks arrived I took them with me to footy on the weekend and started to learn. I had to watch the tutorial, pause it, play it, pause it… and then thought I was on a roll until I realised that the “square” I was trying to make was now kind of oblong, and I had been missing stitches and forgetting steps.


I guess that’s why I am practicing first!

Then after a while I realised that this new found skill was NOT going to help me make the blanket that I wanted, so I went back to the lady’s youtube channel to find something that looked more like the blanket that I wanted to make.

Turns out the thing I was looking for was a “granny square” (seems appropriate). I found it easier to copy what she was doing as she went along, rather than try to learn the stitches and follow a pattern, because it’s all repetitive anyway.

I also found it easier starting in the centre of the work and getting bigger and bigger, rather than trying to make a giant chain big enough for a blanket from the get go… So I had a crack at the granny squares.

The first few attempts got pulled apart, I made a few mistakes in them, got lost, make it a circle rather than a square, or missed places to join the pattern in. This is what I ended up with after a few attempts, still with some mistakes in it, but I think enough to go ahead with when the wool I want to make the blanket with arrives.


Then I found another video by the same lady called a “solid granny square” and thought I’d have a crack at that one too, but this time I used a bigger hook… and I loved it. Got it right first time, make the pattern basically perfectly.


I do want to attempt the second pattern with the bigger needle, I think I just found it easier to handle, and the more I operate them the better I get. I still can’t hold the damn thing properly, nor can I operate my middle finger to hold my work while leaving my index finger pointing outwards with the wool over the top, but it seems to be effective, none the less.

Husband is out tonight at a footy function, so after I pick my friend up from the airport I will be able to have another attempt before bed, that’s if I don’t get caught up in the scarf that I am trying to knit with the nice fluffy wool I found at spotlight…

*Mixed success with eBay wool. I knew it would be, I picked the cheapest most colourful stuff that I could find, which was awesome for the kids and the bright colours but knitting with it was average at best. Too many size variations and I think it dried my hands out and caused some blisters I had to have a rest for a few days to recover from!!

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