When wool is on sale…

Sales at Spotlight have become a danger zone for me.


Chances are, if I see a sale on at Spotlight I am going to buy stuff. I love the ball of yarn that I am knitting a scarf out of at the moment that when I saw they had a 40% off sale, and started looking for this pic to show my friend to explain the colour… nekminut, $80 spent on new wool.

I guess on the positive I don’t have to go to spotlight now and buy more stuff that I didn’t need… because I have already done it all online!

Seriously though. Their acrylic 100g balls were $2.99 and I did need to pick up some more colours for this blanket that I want to make (once I learn to crochet) and I did want to buy another ball of this to make a matching hat for the scarf, which then turned into buying like 8 other balls of similar wool in different colours…

I guess it could be worse. I could be addicted to drugs or something else stupid. At the very least I am now being creative when I didn’t really know that I could be. I mean, I still can’t draw, but I can make things that my peers have no idea how to make, which is a good thing. Maybe I should consider selling things on eBay after I make them to fund the habit. I mean it’s not like I am looking to make a living out of it, just enough so that I can spend money at Spotlight and not get in too much trouble from Husband… lol.

But now I can think about what I want to make out of the new balls that I have bought. It might be time to start thinking about the cardigan that I have always wanted to learn to knit… Because I did buy three of one colour and I think that should be enough to make a cardigan. I guess we will find out!

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