Learning to knit beanies

After years of only being able to knit scarves in a plain knit or blankets of tiny squares I did decide that it had come time to learn to knit something different.

After seeing two of my nephews in hand knitted beanies, I figured that was as good a place as any….

I googled a simple beanie pattern, and thought that it can’t be that hard, but twenty minutes in still googling trying to learn how to read the pattern, remember what “pearl” was and how to move the wool around to do stocking stitch (1k, 1p), I had started and pulled the piece apart I was ready to go.

Knitting away for a couple of days after work, I soon realised that there was a critical part of the pattern I had googled that I hadn’t paid attention to: The yarn and needle size. I had used 8 ply with 4mm needles (what I had) and it turned out I needed probably 8mm needles and some very fat wool…

In my defence, the photo that I had looked at didn’t look like it was that thick a piece of wool!!


In the end, it was my niece’s birthday, and it was a very nice beanie for her, and she loved it. Turns out I can make a very nice kids beanie if I try then!

I had wanted to make one for myself though, so some modification to the pattern was in order. Trouble is I couldn’t find it again (genius), but I remembered the basics and don’t mind making things up as I go along.

These are a couple of the results of my experiments. The coloured one for me and the green one for a friend who is a bit more conservative.

But now? I am a bit sick of beanies. I have had a bit of time on my hands with ankle surgery keeping me off my feet for a while, so I have some time to learn. I am currently working on a scarf (following a pattern on the back of the wool… I just bought it because the colours were cool) and another hat / beanie type thing of my own modification.

I want to build up to being able to make a cardigan or something for myself for next winter, but after trying to make some booties for a friend’s baby a few years back, I think i need to build things up slowly. I am still a bit scared of double ended needles and am not the best with patterns…

Stay tuned. I will post the things I am doing and the new things I am trying to learn, mostly just to amuse myself and tell someone (anyone!)

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